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Some of our builds & projects over the years.

1993 Spec Miata

This was the first Spec miata we built.

1999 Spec Miata

This car is part of our rental fleet.

2000 Spec Miata

Started life as a 2000 SE. was a track toy for a few years and now is a full competition race car after a ground up build.

1999 Spec Miata

Built for our rental fleet but is no longer with us.

Lesher Coupe

This is the Lesher Motorsports Coupe. We manufacture the body and chassis.


ERA GT40 built by Lesher Motorsports. 

Our 2nd Desert car

22.5" of wheel travel at all 4 corners. Honda powered. 

1st Desert car

Start of it all back in 1994.